About Us

Welcome to The Naughty Corner Specialty Shop.  We are a new home based business.  We offer confidentiality, high quality service at reasonable prices.  We might be a new business but we have seven years experience selling adult novelties and many years of customer service.

You can find us on Facebook at ..https://www.facebook.com/NaughyCornerbyKLEintheSkeenaarea

Our users

Its hard to write about something when I haven't really done this for myself.  In my past job of selling adult toys and novelties I had a blast meeting and helping so many interesting people, some I have remained in contact with and other are just a good memory.  Would like to see my dream of owning my own store to become a reality.  I want to build my own list of customers and hope they enjoy shopping at my business.  Remember I'm only a e-mail away and can't wait to help you find what you are looking for :)

Happy Shopping!  

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